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That highway fight scene had to be one of the best fight scenes on the site, major kudos on how you mixed it up for so long

"It's like an orgy in my mouth!"

Top notch content as always! :D

I love the art style of this series so much, the Black-White-Red somewhat Sin City style coloring.

For the humor itself, I personally found the whole cola bit hilarious, hell, I'm even going to say that the next time I eat/drink something good :P

Well you nabbed one of my rare 10/10s, great work!

ps: Did you plan out many of the lieutenants from the start once you decided to make a series of this, or are you kinda winging it as you go?

Great Stuff!

That intro is exactly how Crackdown is once you've taken out all 3 gang bosses XD

Run around, bludgeon the populous, smile.

Nailed most of the areas that deserved spoofing here, especially with the voice of the agency and the upgrades "COFFEE FOR EVERYONE!"

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Fun twist on the classic

Definately an original take on it, it's REALLY addictive to play even for a bit of an "on rails" version of the game

A few things that could push this up a notch:

-A little less blur, if you have a color deficiency, you can't even spot the balls :S
-Cursor icon, I tend to fling my cursor off of the screen since I can't see it, it would be nice to know where I have my cursor so I don't lose points from the mouse leaving the window
-A fourth difficulty :P
-Make the projectile paddle move a little faster, I find it constantly flinging balls back at me because it moves slower than the new balls that spawn
-Some randomization instead of on-rails ball spawns?

A unique approach at the RTS genre

Alot of fun, and you maintained the style of comedy that is the signature of Mastermind "You...whoever you are...you are assigned to this mission!"

The gameplay is a pretty nice setup, it's very user friendly, there was a very small learning curve and everything made sense, but at the same time gives options for the more hardcore RTS player to fine tune their setup.

The music was a GREAT touch to the game, fit the theme well and was pleasurable to listen to, not at all repetitive.

not much, the lack of even a generic mouth movement during the cutscenes was a little bit of a mini-letdown, but nothing serious.
As for ordering your troops, it would be nice if the player could select a small handful of troops, and send them to a certain corner or side of the base, instead of only being able to retreat everyone back to base, or send everyone after 1 enemy.

I love the Plot+Execute system, just wish it was possible to execute multiple missions at once at the expense of having very few troops left in the pool to defend your base.

overall, a very successful and fun RTS game, 8.9/10 5/5

Pretty good, few setbacks though

It's well designed, but I have a bit of a complaint with the style of aiming

mapping both movement and aiming to the same keys is pretty irritating when trying to fire on enemies that are above you and at an angle, also, some kind of basic melee attack would be great in this game considering sometimes an enemy will be right up in your face and your gun actually won't be able to touch them

outside of these issues, great game, loved the music and graphic style. Looks like you've been testing a few new graphic effects also

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Pretty bonkers stuff, I like where you're going with this for sure!

You've got a pretty wonky hook to this track, in a good way. I can't quite but a finger on it, but it's got this weird off putting feeling to it I dig.

Big thing this track needs though is some mixing love, you've got a lot of peaking going on from just how loud this gets.

You can probably fix a lot of it with a compressor over the main lead (which is probably your loudest element of the track), or maybe a limiter. The biggest problem area that synth has is when you do that cutoff+resonance riser, it peaks hard about halfway through.
Some of this you can avoid by dulling down the resonance, or making the resonance go down faster if you're automating both cutoff and resonance.
The other side of it is just it's too loud in general. Loudness in a track is good and all, as long as the final mix comes through clean. You can always give things a boost later on with a compressor and some gain with it, but before any of that you need things to be clean so you don't lose much of the clarity of the instruments.

Your drumline is getting eaten by that lead too, but you should be able to fix that with some sidechaining. Get that kicker to duck the main lead on the beat and it'll sound punchier than ever. A side benefit to the track would be the ducking will probably add to the insanity of the sound, I think it would benefit it a lot!

If you're unfamiliar with sidechaining, please look up how to do it in your DAW, it really lets you go crazy with all these loud elements and still keep that sweet kicker punch you need. Typically it's really easy to do it, a lot of DAWs have the functionality built right into it (FL Studio has it built into the Limiter plugin it comes with, super easy to work with).

Overall, I love this bonkers thing, Clean up some of that mixing and you've got yourself a rock solid track!

FL Mobile? Absolute madlad here :P

First up, kudos for working in a screwball time signature and making it work. I've rarely adventured out of 4/4 and 3/4, so I can respect that.

I'll give you the pass on instrumentation since you're working on FL Mobile, but I'd love to hear this if you were to transfer it over to FL Studio and go all out on it.

I'm loving how complex your score is on this, I can't quite put a finger on the key you're working on, but those big sweeping arps and progressions feel pretty damned nice, even in the chips.

The whole score is pretty solid except for 2:15's section I feel, it just seems a little too quiet for that one bit, almost like there needs to be a subtle pad or something there to pull it together. Granted, this may be a software limitation (I'm not super familiar with FL Mobile, I work with the full DAW), but adding something to ease the silence in the background may help out nicely.

On the mixing side of things, I think the reverb you're using on your kicker might be a little much. It just seems like it's just adding noise to the mix as opposed to adding anything of value. You could probably source some of that reverb sound elsewhere in a more subtle fashion, but on the kicker it's just a bit much.

Overall, I like it, I can appreciate the unconventional time signature and what you were going after here, and I'd say you did a good job on it.

Again, I would love to hear this brought over to the full DAW and going the distance with it <3

Pretty interesting track, I get the vibes you're after but I think it takes a little too long to get into the swing of things.

If you've ever looked into Post-Rock at all, you could probably snag some of those ambient guitar vibes and inject some of that into your intro. The guitarwork in here is definitely the star of the track, and it would be great to get that earlier in the track to hook the listener in quick, even as an atmospheric element.

The synths feel a little bit cheesy after the first minute before the guitar rolls in, it's not necessarily the synths themselves, just they need something to make them sound a little less preset-y, if you know what I mean.
I can tell you were after a kind of old school synthesizer vibe there, might just need something like a long release stab under it or something to give the offbeat stabs you add at 1:05 some better context, or try to work with some guitarwork to complement it.

Once the guitar gets going in the track, it's a solid hook, really pulls you into the track. Definitely the strength of the whole thing.

Overall, not bad! I enjoyed the guitar bits of the track once I got past the intro, just those synths need a lil love.

DarioMarotta responds:

Hey there!
Thanks for your appreciation and detailed comment about this track.
About what you say regarding first part, yeah is pretty slow moving before going really somewhere cause of an intentional enigmatic and suspense .
About synths, is based on retro synth wave atmosphere and vibe but I can understand that still might risk to sound not always so much elaborated or "authentic" .
Regarding the guitars, you really make me wonder about actually trying to put some additional sounds, even though this track is born in and destined to a looping live session performance where is really hard to play many different parts at same time:)).
These are suggestions that inspire me for future improvements and maybe an additional studio version of the song .

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Nice art

yeah he's kinda screwed, reminds me of a magic card, Horde of Notions

which still means he's kinda screwed :P

Sanity is grossly overrated and detrimental to the creative process.
I go by the alias Sybol for my music work, but I decided to keep TheComet intact here for the love of nostalgia <3

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