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That highway fight scene had to be one of the best fight scenes on the site, major kudos on how you mixed it up for so long

"It's like an orgy in my mouth!"

Top notch content as always! :D

I love the art style of this series so much, the Black-White-Red somewhat Sin City style coloring.

For the humor itself, I personally found the whole cola bit hilarious, hell, I'm even going to say that the next time I eat/drink something good :P

Well you nabbed one of my rare 10/10s, great work!

ps: Did you plan out many of the lieutenants from the start once you decided to make a series of this, or are you kinda winging it as you go?

Great Stuff!

That intro is exactly how Crackdown is once you've taken out all 3 gang bosses XD

Run around, bludgeon the populous, smile.

Nailed most of the areas that deserved spoofing here, especially with the voice of the agency and the upgrades "COFFEE FOR EVERYONE!"

Zhu Quan ftw :D

You know, I have yet to see a good flash on NG that has that martial art in it, and this one qualifies as a good one :)

felt a bit short, but animation was pretty slick to make up for it, and the fighting seemed relatively accurate to Zhu Quan

you nabbed my 5/5 9/10 :)


You definately have a strong sense of proportions, I was impressed with the 360 rotation while he was walking

It was a little short but as mentioned in the description there was the file size issue, drop Tom a pm and ask to see if you can post the full thing, he can make exceptions for larger files that are worth uploading, which I believe this definately is.

Good, but not as good as previous episodes

You still score high, but I'm really hoping this version of Hank is temporary, it just detracts so heavily from the normal improvised gunplay and melee that is Madness

Loved the grappling hook fighting, loved how it wasn't just swing and kill, but they actually mixed it up a bit. The two characters saving hank I'm guessing are the two who tossed him a sword in a previous episode where Hank fought the Clown?

Anyways, good stuff, but hopefully we can get the Depredation Hank back

Very nice presentation, few suggestions

Loved the 3D animation work, very well thought out transformer-eqsue bits with the tank!

"Just kidding, I'm not working on Pico 2"


A few suggestions on this video:

-Your green screening could use a little work, I noticed the calender vanishing in areas, try printing a low-saturation version of the calender to counter this problem

-The Audio Portal award could have some nominees like the Flash Portal did, could probably have a 30 second mix of the nominees' best songs playing as they are announced before choosing the winner.

MindChamber responds:

great suggestions! and thanks!

Hahahah! Good ol' times!

The classic style of Eskimo Bob is back :D

Man I remember when you guys were squeezing out some of the original episodes, great to see such an iconic (well for NG anyways) series getting back on its feet!

Oh man

last person I would want around me while working on a flash game XD

Good stuff, you have this knack for making something as completely random and unexpected as Blockhead incredibly funny in this situational kind of way, along with some really smooth animation

Love this series, definately one that will last the test of time

Great stuff!

Gotta 10 it, it's a pretty hilarious take on the game (and an original joke too)

Good animation as always, I'm amazed at how fluid you can get everything looking even over a short time period


ps: Next up I think we're due up for an Awesome Fable II, good lord I can't imagine how much you can do with that, or better yet, Fallout 3

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