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Fun twist on the classic

Definately an original take on it, it's REALLY addictive to play even for a bit of an "on rails" version of the game

A few things that could push this up a notch:

-A little less blur, if you have a color deficiency, you can't even spot the balls :S
-Cursor icon, I tend to fling my cursor off of the screen since I can't see it, it would be nice to know where I have my cursor so I don't lose points from the mouse leaving the window
-A fourth difficulty :P
-Make the projectile paddle move a little faster, I find it constantly flinging balls back at me because it moves slower than the new balls that spawn
-Some randomization instead of on-rails ball spawns?

A unique approach at the RTS genre

Alot of fun, and you maintained the style of comedy that is the signature of Mastermind "You...whoever you are...you are assigned to this mission!"

The gameplay is a pretty nice setup, it's very user friendly, there was a very small learning curve and everything made sense, but at the same time gives options for the more hardcore RTS player to fine tune their setup.

The music was a GREAT touch to the game, fit the theme well and was pleasurable to listen to, not at all repetitive.

not much, the lack of even a generic mouth movement during the cutscenes was a little bit of a mini-letdown, but nothing serious.
As for ordering your troops, it would be nice if the player could select a small handful of troops, and send them to a certain corner or side of the base, instead of only being able to retreat everyone back to base, or send everyone after 1 enemy.

I love the Plot+Execute system, just wish it was possible to execute multiple missions at once at the expense of having very few troops left in the pool to defend your base.

overall, a very successful and fun RTS game, 8.9/10 5/5

Pretty good, few setbacks though

It's well designed, but I have a bit of a complaint with the style of aiming

mapping both movement and aiming to the same keys is pretty irritating when trying to fire on enemies that are above you and at an angle, also, some kind of basic melee attack would be great in this game considering sometimes an enemy will be right up in your face and your gun actually won't be able to touch them

outside of these issues, great game, loved the music and graphic style. Looks like you've been testing a few new graphic effects also

Alot harder than the first

You earned my 10/10 once again!

Was a pretty tough game, Madagascar is the hardest region to nail but if you start there as a virus, you get so much time to max out your disease before setting it loose on the world ^^

The strategy in this game remains the same as the previous game, but with more entry points into each area that can be restricted.

I just wish I could find a way to spread my disease with low infection rates and no visibility into each area early on in the game before evolving lethal symptoms :/


entertaining puzzle game, but you need to fix one thing:

if you take a hard landing on one of those pads that throw you in the air, you fall through them and explode. in some of the puzzles (notably 20+), this makes it a serious headache

Psycho responds:

What levels specifically did this happen on? When testing the game, I didn't experience stuff like that.



My advice for a good game is this: Concentrate early on lowering the visibility of your virus if you can.
Personally, I first checked on waterborne, that gave me ALOT of pts to work with, then turned off a few of the visible effects like sweating and vomiting. Then I went and unchecked human only and raised the moisture resistance.
once you have infected every area, go straight for lethality

Good game, terrible music

The gameplay was good, but the music really killed the fun factor a bit...
Dig around the AP and see if you can get some artists to give you a hand with the music

-DJ Comet


Hilarious NG tailored humor, and solid gameplay.

I was pretty annoyed by how the lower platforms in the air don't protect you from the the eye laser attack across the ground though

Nifty :P

I'm worth $353.92 XD

Pretty fun

Pretty good physics style game, had a bit of fun with it.

It'd be nice to see a timer ingame however, give players to urge to try to break their record times and take risks in some of the puzzles.

ps: thanks for using my audio!

Sanity is grossly overrated and detrimental to the creative process.
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