Check out this Super-Handy Tone Matrix Calculator I dug up

2013-03-28 02:28:20 by TheComet

Seriously, take a look at this.

Pump in the tones you used in that key you put together by ear, and you'll see what tones are consonant to it.

If you're ever stuck on where to go next with your score, this thing is a goddamned lifesaver!

In other news, I finally broke out of my music rut (if you havn't noticed from the slew of new audio in the last week or two :D), expect to see MUCH more in the near future as alot of my existing project near a close and various new ones (and some random "studies") pop up!

ps: Starting to get the hang of this Akai LPD8, havn't worked out how to map the pads to seperate channels yet (FPC works....but it isn't synched up nicely with the master sync for long samples), but I've been using the knobs for EVERYTHING lately, I love being able to do live adjustments for whatever the hell I feel like


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2013-03-29 20:16:23

I just reviewed Collective Consciousness if you're interesting in what I have to say.