Akai LPD 8 Purchased!

2013-03-20 22:57:36 by TheComet


So I snagged myself one of these, should be arriving in the mail in a day or two.

I've been wanting to get a controller for awhile now and it turned out they have them fairly cheap nowadays, so I jumped on a pretty basic model with a buncha features to it.

I'm planning on doing live mixes on my livestream show once I get the hang of it, going to be some fun stuff!

Also expect me to have WAY more control over my modulation now that I have physical k nobs for it, and expect to see some of my mixes showing up on site! :D


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2013-03-21 02:03:23

Own this little thing. It's very useful for electronic music. :)

TheComet responds:

Just came in the mail yesterday afternoon, definately coming in handy :)

I'm trying to work out how to map individual channels to the pads though, I can map samples to it with FPC but beyond that I'm not sure how else to use the pads other than for individual notes on a single channel.

Knobs are crazy useful though!